Album Covers

Finishing Touches

You now have the choice of what text you would like on the front cover and have two choices on the print finish; Laser etching or UV Printing (using white ink on the cover).

What is UV Printing?

UV Printing is a printing method that uses a photomechanical drying process to adhere the inks to a surface. The UV ink used in the printing process is exposed to ultra violet light which transforms it from liquid to a solid, allowing the ease of application to a number of unusual surfaces and substrates. Because of this process and the lack of volatile organic compounds, which cause ‘bleed’ in conventional surface printing, UV printing allows for a more vibrant, detailed print finish and can be applied to an array of creative surfaces.  You can use UV printing to add text and a design to your album with white ink.


What is Laser Etching?

Laser Etching is a effectively embossing text on the front of your album for a more traditional finish.


You now have a choice of 26 different colours for the album cover to choose from which are shown below: